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Long Arm Stapler

Oct 1, 2019

HOWDY and welcome to the 8th episode of Long Arm Stapler, a podcast about zines!


(please excuse the background noise; some folks were using a power drill in the adjacent studio! tried my best 😊 )


This episode, I am joined by Andi Lake (featured in episode 7), and L. Herrada-Rios, a photographer/zine maker/fest...

Jan 22, 2019

content warning: sex toys

Welcome to the very first episode of Long Arm Stapler in 2019!

I'm joined by Bay Area poet and zine maker Andi Lake. She talks about her upcoming projects, including sexual poems and dildo imagery. 

Andi shares her creative process and favorite zine, and reads from her zine Swimming. Find Andi...

Nov 16, 2018

CW: drugs & addiction

Hello! I'm back!

This episode features my friend Robbie of Versatile Vindication, who helped organize this year's Bay Area Queer Zine Fest. We talk queer zines, addiction, how to advertise without Facebook, Bay Area zine culture, and how we got into zines.

Thanks for listening!!

You can find...

May 29, 2018

Episode 5 of Long Arm Stapler with the INIMITABLE Poliana Irizarry, zine fest organizer and zine librarian extraordinaire.

We talked about zine fest organizing, DIY, Fanime, and zine libraries.

Poliana can be found @poliananana & @sbDIYzc

Cheers From the Wasteland: 

Mar 22, 2018


i come bearing a fresh new episode of long arm stapler. this time around, i interviewed the folks from ABO comix, who put together a queer prisoner comix anthology! we talked about their project, as well as a cool dance party fundraiser they're throwing on march 24.